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Genji Japanese Restaurant

Genji Japanese restaurant features tranquil, spacious and modern dining area as well as a sushi bar. The menu offers a variety of exquisitely prepared entrées and accompaniments. In addition to tasty made-to-order sushi and sashimi, the most unique chef-inspired creations include the grilled squid, grilled eggplant, Ebi almond, beef rolls, Japanese croquettes and black cod teriyaki (named as the winning dish by Anne Desbrisay, Ottawa Citizen Food critic). Takeout is available for those on the run. Dining area can accommodate birthday parties and other important events. On the catering side, Genji crafts delightful 60-piece sushi and maki party trays. website: www.Genji.ca

  • Alaska Maki
  • Saikyo Yaki
  • Salmon Teriyaki
Vegetarian menu
Nasu Dengaku -
Asian or American eggplant grilled with dengaku sauce
Nasu Dengaku
Tosa tofu -
Deep-fried tofu wrapped with bonito flakes
Tosa tofu
Genji Specialty Maki - Sweet potatio -
Tempura sweet potato, lettuce, Genji sauce
Genji Specialty Maki - Sweet potatio
Vegetable Tempura -
Tempura style assorted vegetables
Vegetable Tempura
Kaisa salad -
3 assorted seaweeds with Genji sesame dressing
Kaisa salad
Tempura Banana -
Tempura style fried banana with ice cream
Tempura Banana
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Gyoza -
5 Pan seared beef and vegetable dumplings with dipping sauce
Salmon teriyaki -
Charbroiled salmon with teriyaki or shioyaki sauce
Salmon teriyaki
Soft Shell Crab -
Flash-fried Chesapeake Blue Crab with ponzu sauce
Soft Shell Crab
Kal-Bi -
Grilled marinated short-ribs
Ebi Almond -
3 large black tiger shrimps coated with crunchy almonds
Ebi Almond
Spider roll -
Crispy Chesapeake soft shell crab, asparagus, Genji sauce
Spider roll
Rainbow roll -
Strips of salmon, tuna, and snapper over an avocado & cucumber roll
Rainbow roll
Grilled squid -
Grilled squid with Genji house sauce
Grilled squid
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Bento box A -
Bento box A
Bento box B -
Bento box B
Chicken udon -
Chicken udon
Seafood Udon -
Seafood Udon
Yaki-tori -
Grilled chicken skewer with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki -
Chicken Teriyaki
Japanese curry pork -
Japanese curry pork served with rice (for a quick but delicious lunch)
Japanese curry pork
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