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Vegetarian menu
Nasu Dengaku -
Asian or American eggplant grilled with dengaku sauce
Nasu Dengaku
Tosa tofu -
Deep-fried tofu wrapped with bonito flakes
Tosa tofu
Genji Specialty Maki - Sweet potatio -
Tempura sweet potato, lettuce, Genji sauce
Genji Specialty Maki - Sweet potatio
Vegetable Tempura -
Tempura style assorted vegetables
Vegetable Tempura
Kaisa salad -
3 assorted seaweeds with Genji sesame dressing
Kaisa salad
Tempura Banana -
Tempura style fried banana with ice cream
Tempura Banana
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Gyoza -
5 Pan seared beef and vegetable dumplings with dipping sauce
Salmon teriyaki -
Charbroiled salmon with teriyaki or shioyaki sauce
Salmon teriyaki
Soft Shell Crab -
Flash-fried Chesapeake Blue Crab with ponzu sauce
Soft Shell Crab
Kal-Bi -
Grilled marinated short-ribs
Ebi Almond -
3 large black tiger shrimps coated with crunchy almonds
Ebi Almond
Spider roll -
Crispy Chesapeake soft shell crab, asparagus, Genji sauce
Spider roll
Rainbow roll -
Strips of salmon, tuna, and snapper over an avocado & cucumber roll
Rainbow roll
Grilled squid -
Grilled squid with Genji house sauce
Grilled squid
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Bento box A -
Bento box A
Bento box B -
Bento box B
Chicken udon -
Chicken udon
Seafood Udon -
Seafood Udon
Yaki-tori -
Grilled chicken skewer with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Teriyaki -
Chicken Teriyaki
Japanese curry pork -
Japanese curry pork served with rice (for a quick but delicious lunch)
Japanese curry pork
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From Chicken Teriyaki

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Genji Japanese Restaurant Menu

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